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Chapter 3

      *RRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!* Finally the bell for last period goes off. I'm at my locker and out the door as soon as possible. I find Chelsey and talk to her about Tyrone, she said that he's doing great. Then she said that he was going to a party this weekend and that she was invited and could bring a +1, so she asked me if I wanted to go. I told her no. She started jumping up and down and begging on her knees. Eventually I gave in.  Darn! She started jumping up and down like a little girl, eventually I had to grab her shoulders and hold her down for a few seconds well she slightly jumped under my grip... Chelsey was a strange girl

       " You need to wear these shoes! They will go so good with the dress I picked out for you!"  "I Will not wear those shoes! There so small, I don't even think I can fit my big toe in one," Chelsey took it upon herself to do my hair, makeup, outfit, and shoes -_-. Chelsey looked at me with all seriousness, " That wasn't funny. Your Big toe is way to big to fit in this shoe!" We both burst out laughing and rolling on the floor like Lunatics! Her mom walks in and asks us what we are doing. We tell her in between are laughs and huffs, what we were laughing about. And she stares at us with confusion and walks out of the room... Sometimes I feel like she worries about us? We are just about to leave for the party when my mom calls me. " Mariana where are you?"
"Mom I already told you I was going to Chelseys!"
*Other end is silent*
"Hunny Why did you call me?"
"MOM! You called me, Where are you?"
"I'm at the bar? Where else would I be, at a daycare. Man, darling you can be really retarded sometimes..."
" How many drinks did you have?"
"I dont know I lost count after 7."
"Mom. I'm coming to pick you up, what bar are you at?"
"The one down east rode? Yeah the one with the big Cow in front."
I hung up the phone, grabbed my phone and bag and called out to Chelsey where I was going and ran outside. I started walking down to the bar. The Bar was just down the street, so I figured I could just go down there and pick her up and walk her to our apartment. Then walk back to Chelsey's. I got to the bar and grab my mother who was sitting next to this disgusting guy, who looked about 60 years old. "Mom who was that guy?" "I dont know hunny... B--utttt heeee was soooooo nice! I thinkin' about callin him soon!" My mom stuttered out that last sentence. She mumbled something else to me, but I couldn't make it out. I finally got to the apartment and walked my mother upstairs. Before I opened the door she grabbed my arms and hugged me. She hasn't hugged me since my father left, 3 years ago. After a few seconds of just hugging me, she let go and opened the door and walked in.

               "CHELSEY! Girl I'm back!" I looked in her room and found a note
* Hey mar. Sorry I had to go Tyrone kept calling and asking where I was. I didnt want to keep him waiting! The directions are down below, it should only talk u a couple minutes to walk over!* I can't believe she just left. Without me?

               I was walking to the house, and I was about a couple streets away and could already hear the music blasting from the house. I stepped inside and got a few glares from people who recognized me from school. I don't usually come out, I'm more of a quiet, stay out of peoples way girl. I found Chelsey swaying at the drink table. Spilling her cup of red (spiked) punch out of the sides. "Chelsey!" "Girlllll. Im so glad you made it. Have you met Tyrone, Mark, and Anthony? These guys are great." She pointed to each one of the guys standing next to her. Each one was checking her out. I knew these guys werent good so I tried to grab Chelsey. " Stop touching me! Mar! I am trying to have a good time!" One of the guys stood up, I think his name was Mark, " Hey baby if you wanted one of us all you had to do was ask, the guy grabbed my arm and pulled me to what seemed like a guest bedroom. "Get off me!" he grabbed my waist and started grinding on my hips. "Let go off me!" I was screaming, but I don't think anyone could hear me over the loud music. He pushed his lips onto mine. I tried to pull away, but he was much stronger than me. "Baby, listen Im gonna screw u, and ur gonna like it!" He grabbed y shirt and forcefully ripped it off of me. I struggled and struggled, but couldn't seem to get the guy off. He started grabbing my breasts and licking my neck. I felt helpless. Right when the guy was about to unzip his pants. The door flew open and a big shadowy figure came in and started throwing punches at the guy who was trying to rape me. The shadowy figure was on top of the guy punching him in the face, repeatedly. I tried to pry the guy off, but he wouldnt move. Soon there was a crowd outside the door and some guys finally came in and got him off. Then the guy just stomped out of the house. I followed after him. He was walking away from me, so I couldnt see his face. I ran up to him and grabbed his shoulder, but he just shrugged me off. I ran in front of him and saw his face. "Jason?" He looked at me, with fury all across his face. He grabbed me and pulled me to the side of the house. "Thank you for saving me. I would of never guessed u..." He stopped me " What, did you think I was just gonna let that guy rape you. What kind of person do you think I am?" He started walking away. "I Think ur a great guy, who just saved me from rape!" He stopped and turned around. I saw the look on his face. It was like someone just punched him in the face? "I am so greatful that you helped me, I just don't know how I could ever repay you?" He walked closer to me and looked me in the eye. "Go on a date with me?" I was shocked I never would have thought Jason ' the boy no one understands ' would ask me out. I also was excited he asked me out.... i must've got lost in my thoughts. Cause I noticed him about to walk away. "Yes! Of course I'll go on a date with you." I noticed a smile spread across his face. "I'll pick you up at 7 next Friday."
Authors note! Please stay with me on this boook I will try to post a new chapter 2 times every week, and will try to do 3 some weeks!!!!!
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